Value-added services are now just part and parcel of an accountant’s day-to-day business with a client, according to IAIS practitioners.

New technologies such as cloud computing and the free, easily accessible communication that comes with it – such as Skype – allow practitioners to deliver new services to clients.

IAIS confirm that the nature of accounting services has changed in recent years. Things previously regarded as extra, value-added services a few years ago are now becoming integral to what we do.

By doing general compliance work and getting to know the client, extra services come out of the blue. These days, we tend to work for clients and build a general fee for the entire years’ work regardless of what we do for them.

Where we used to focus on legislative and compliance work, accountants now have to consider other services such as business health checks and business planning support in their portfolio to help build relationships with clients.

The hat of an accountant used to be a classic one, however now they are taking a consultative approach and this is benefiting small to medium sized businesses greatly.

Cloud accounting made a difference to one added service in particular – the “Virtual Financial Director” service.

We offer an FD service for all clients, but it’s something we prefer to do face-to-face. We offer FD support as a standard part of our service. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to expand the areas in which IAIS currently act for you.


IAIS is a network of professional firms and individuals providing Tax and Advisory services. We deliver all mainstream Accountancy and Taxation Services as well as Value Added services to clients throughout the United Kingdom and Internationally.