Tax Agent Franchise




Franchising is the practice of leasing for a prescribed period of time the right to use a firm’s successful business model and brand.

At IAIS we have developed a Tax Agent Franchise to allow suitably motivated and qualified individuals to set up their own IAIS Tax Agent Franchise. All the services delivered from our offices and this web-site are also delivered by our franchisees.


The word “franchise” is of Anglo-French derivation from franc, meaning free and is used both as a noun and as a verb.

For the franchiser, the franchise is an alternative to building outlets to distribute its services and avoids the investment and liability of a chain. The franchisor’s success depends on the success of the franchisees. The franchisee is said to have a greater incentive than a direct employee because he or she has a direct stake in the business.

Essentially, and in terms of distribution, the franchisor is a supplier who allows an operator, or a franchisee, to use the supplier’s trademark and distribute the supplier’s goods. In return, the operator pays the supplier a fee.

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Thirty three countries including the United Kingdom have laws that explicitly regulate franchising, with the majority of all other countries having laws which have a direct or indirect impact on franchising.

If you are interested in exploring the opportunities of a franchise in the Tax & Accountancy market and wish to progress an application for an IAIS Tax Agent Franchise simply email to arrange an initial meeting to explore the opportunities.

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